manufacturers of railway track materials, consultants, engineers & government approved contractors.

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the rail track & fixing concept solution

rails & crane rail

  • Rails of 52Kg, 60Kg, 90Lbs Rails & all other section of Rails
  • Crane Rails of CR 80, CR 100, CR 120
all kinds of sleepers

  • Salwood Sleepers for Broad Gauge, Metre Gauge & narrow Gauge
  • PSC Sleepers for broad gauge, Standard Gauge & Narrow meter gauge
  • Sleepers for all types of turnouts
  • Steel Trough Sleepers
  • Steel Channel Sleepers
  • Check Rails Sleepers with all the fixtures
turnout, switch assembly & cms crossing


  • 52Kg PSC Turnout Drg. No. T-4732
  • 60Kg PSC Turnout Drg. No. T-4218
  • 52Kg Steel Turnout Drg. No. T-20831
  • 90R Steel Turnout Drg. No. T-20807
  • 52Kg Wooden Turnout Drg. No. T-20171
  • 90R Wooden Turnout Drg. No. T-5044 (M)

Switch Assembly

  • 52Kg Switch Assembly Drg. No. T-4733
  • 60Kg Switch Assembly Drg. No. T-4219
  • 52Kg Steel Switch Assembly Drg. No. T-20832
  • 90R Steel Switch Assembly Drg. No. T-20808
  • 52Kg Wooden Switch Assembly Drg. No. T-207172
  • 90R Wooden Switch Assembly Drg. No. T-5272 (M)

C. M. S. Crossing

  • 52Kg CMS Crossing Drg. No. T-4734
  • 60Kg CMS Crossing Drg. No. T-4220
  • 52Kg CMS Crossing on Steel layout Drg. No. T-20803
  • 90R CMS Crossing on Steel layout Drg. No. T-20809
  • 52Kg CMS Crossing on Wooden layout Drg. No. T-5269(M)
  • 90R CMS Crossing on Wooden layout Drg. No. T-5271 (M)
fasteners for rail track

  • Glass Filled nylon Liners
  • Metal Liners
  • Grooved Rubber Pad for all types of sleepers
  • Elastic Rail Clips
  • Fish Plate
  • Fish Bolts & Nuts
  • All Other Hardware Items
rail track tools

  • Rail Track Lifting Jack
  • Rail Cutting Machine
  • Rail Drilling Machine
  • All Other Accessories
rail welding & Equipments
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clips for crane rails
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our services
  • Rail Laying & Linking
  • Railway Track Constructions
  • Rail Fasteners & Accessories
  • Railway Infrastructure Turnkey Projects
  • Fabrications Structural Steel
  • Prestressed Bridges
  • Earth Works
  • Track Laying For Ell Cranes
  • Building Works
  • Constructions Of Platforms
  • Construction Of Sheds
  • Heavy Piling Works
  • Steel Channel Sleepers For Bridges
our work & infrastructure
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